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Dialogues with Machines - Joost Rekveld

photo credits:© Joost Rekveld

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In this programme, Rekveld illustrates his findings using classics of avant-garde and contemporary work.

Artist Joost Rekveld investigates what humans can learn from a dialogue with machines and technology. He will present a programme of scientific films from the archives, combined with experimental films and some of his own works.

The programme will serve as a visual meditation on the relatively autonomous behaviour of machines, starting from mechanical machinery and the supposedly rigid world of mathematics, moving to the wonderful patterns produced by chaotic electronics and complex turbulences. When simple devices already give unexpected results, it is perhaps more appropriate to think about machines in terms of listening and dialogue instead of control.

With Nora Mulder on piano.

This screening is followed by Her. A combination ticket at a reduced rate can be purchased here.


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The Man Machine

What is unique about human beings when a robot can not only imitate our actions, but artificial intelligence even exceeds our thinking capacity?

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campaign image The Man Machine (still from Ex Machina (Alex Garland, GB 2014)
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