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Do The Right Thing

Spike Lee / US, 1989 / 120 min.

A light-hearted take on the tensions between Italian-Americans and African-Americans living in New York’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighbourhood. Starring John Turturro. Director Spike Lee plays the role of Mookie.

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A boiling hot summer in the multi-ethnic neighbourhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant causes existing tensions between Black and Italian residents to escalate. The owners of a pizzeria, Sal and his sons Pino and Vito, become the target of hatred in this hard-hitting portrayal of conflicts between various ethnic groups in New York.

Do the Right Thing established director Spike Lee”s name as a deeply engaged filmmaker who speaks his mind without losing his sense of humour. Music is always a crucial element in his films; Rosie Perez opens Do the Right Thing dancing to Public Enemy”s provocative “Fight the Power”. Lee is now one of the most prominent filmmakers of the African-American community. Brand new 4K restoration.

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Do The Right Thing


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Black Light

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