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still Dokter Pulder zaait papavers (Bert Haanstra, NL 1975)

Dokter Pulder zaait papavers

Bert Haanstra / NL, 1975 / 105 min.

Those who know Bert Haanstra as a loving chronicler of the Dutch soul in the films Alleman and Fanfare, will be surprised by Haanstra’s third fiction film. The ingredients for Dokter Pulder zaait papavers include drug addiction, alcoholism, suicide and latent madness. With a superb role for Kees Brusse.

poster Dokter Pulder zaait papavers (Bert Haanstra, NL 1975)

Author Anton Koolhaas adapted his novel De nagel achter het behang into a screenplay for Bert Haanstra (1916-1997).

The maker of world-famous documentaries such as De stem van het water and Bij de beesten af wanted to venture into fiction filmmaking again; for the lead role, Haanstra chose Kees Brusse (1925-2013), an actor who managed to bring an un-Dutch ardour to his performance.

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Bert Haanstra

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Dokter Pulder zaait papavers


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still Dokter Pulder zaait papavers (Bert Haanstra, NL 1975)
still Dokter Pulder zaait papavers (Bert Haanstra, NL 1975)
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