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Easy Rider

Dennis Hopper / US, 1969 / 94 min.

This low-budget film about two hippies, Billy (Dennis Hopper) and Wyatt (Peter Fonda), crossing America on their motorbikes, became the iconic film of a generation of rebel filmmakers. Jack Nicholson’s supporting role as a boozing lawyer turned him into a Hollywood star overnight. Part of Looking for America: The Road is Life.

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Like no other sixties film Easy Rider expressed the quest for individual freedom and the inevitable disillusionment that follows hard on its heels. This successful low-budget about the hippies Billy (Dennis Hopper, the film”s director) and Wyatt (Peter Fonda, the film”s producer) crossing the States on their Easy Rider choppers, signalled the end of Hollywood”s studio system in 1969. The film initially flopped when released in the States, but made a glorious comeback after having garnered the Best Debut Film Award at Cannes. His supporting role as a boozing lawyer made a Hollywood star of Jack Nicholson. The screenplay was written by Fonda, Hopper and Terry Southern.

The screening on 14 November will be introduced by photographer Robin de Puy, who will speak about her own road trip through the States on a Harley Davidson and the photo series she shot at the time. Portrait photographer and filmmaker Robin de Puy was recently appointed Photographer Laureate. Her work was exhibited at the Photo Museum in The Hague and at the BredaPhoto International Photo Festival earlier this year.



Dennis Hopper

Production year




Original title

Easy Rider


94 min.





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