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Een avond met Frans Weisz: Mijn eigen Citizen Kane

It was meant to be his own Citizen Kane: Frans Weisz’ A Gangstergirl. Peter Verstraten (University of Leiden) talks to Weisz about his scintillating films of the 1960s and about Dutch New Wave cinema. Followed by the screening of Weisz’ short film Een zondag op het eiland van de Grande Jatte and Het gangstermeisje.

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Frans Weisz

To mark the premiere of Frans Weisz’s latest film Het leven is vurrukkulluk, based on Remco Campert’s sparkling novel, Eye presents a programme of films by one of the Netherlands’ most prominent filmmakers of the past fifty years. Frans Weisz, actors and crew will attend a number of the screenings.

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campaign image Frans Weisz - Filmen is vurrukkulluk (still from Het gangstermeisje (Frans Weisz, NL 1966))
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