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Elias alle ankers vooruit st 1 jpg sd high

Elias: Alle ankers vooruit!

Simen Alsvik, Will Ashurst / NO, 2017 / 74 min.

At last: Elias the Little Rescue Boat is on the big screen! Elias is so happy when he gets to work in the Great Harbour. One nights he spots a group of suspicious boats. Could they be up to something?

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Elias receives a distress call from the Great Harbour: there”s a ship in danger. Elias manages to rescue it and gets to work in the Great Harbour as a reward. Though he”s sorry to have to leave his friends behind, he”s really looking forward to this new adventure. When he gets to the Great Harbour, he meets brave Stella, who shows him the ropes.

Everything seems to work out fine, until one evening he spots a group of suspicious boats who appear to be up to no good. Being the Great Harbour”s rescue boat, Elias has to find out what”s going on, but he soon learns he needs the help of all of his friends to sort things out.



Simen Alsvik, Will Ashurst

Production year




Original title

Elias: Alle ankers vooruit!


74 min.



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