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Everyday life in a syrian village omar amiralay 1

Everyday Life in a Syrian Village

Omar Amiralay / SY, 1976 / 80 min.

Documentary maker Omar Amiralay has always been a major critic of the agricultural and land reforms of his government. He shows in this milestone of Arab cinema how the lives of villagers on the banks of the Euphrates has been disrupted by the building of a dam. The government has simply turned its back on them. With introduction by Wael Kadlo.

1080x1795 trembling landscapes

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Omar Amiralay

Production year




Original title

Al hayatt al yawmiyah fi quariah suriyah


80 min.


Arabic, French, English



Part of

Trembling Landscapes

Landscape is a charged notion in the Middle East.* On the one hand, representations of landscape engage with a heady mix of national and natural borders, tussles over resources and territory, and (colonial) history. On the other hand, it is a rich source of identity, tradition and imagination.

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Everyday life in a syrian village omar amiralay 2
Everyday life in a syrian village omar amiralay 3
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