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still Expedition Content (Ernst Karel & Veronika Kusumaryati, US 2020)

Expedition Content

Ernst Karel, Veronika Kusumaryati / US, 2020 / 78 min.

A critical look at Robert Gardner’s ethnographic classic Dead Birds – about the Hubula people of Papua – by two contemporary anthropologists. The screen stays almost entirely dark; we hear a montage of audio recordings by Michael Rockefeller, a member of Gardner’s expedition. Screens to accompany the Paravel-Castaing-Taylor exhibition.

poster Expedition Content (Ernst Karel & Veronika Kusumaryati, US 2020)
Similarly to Harvard anthropologist Robert Gardner, who set off on an expedition with an (exclusively white) crew of anthropologists, photographers, academics and filmmakers in 1961, contemporary filmmakers and ethnographers Ernst Karel and Veronika Kusumaryati set off on an expedition to the heart of Dead Birds.

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Ernst Karel, Veronika Kusumaryati

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Expedition Content


78 min.


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Part of

Paravel & Castaing-Taylor

Eye Filmmuseum presents Cosmic Realism, the first retrospective featuring the works of Véréna Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor. Trained as anthropologists, they merge anthropology, documentaries, and visual arts in their craft. The exhibition takes the viewer past seven immersive installations in which the development of the makers can be followed.

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campaign image Paravel & Castaing-Taylor – Cosmic Realism
still Expedition Content (Ernst Karel & Veronika Kusumaryati, US 2020)
still Expedition Content (Ernst Karel & Veronika Kusumaryati, US 2020)
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