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EYE in het Muziekgebouw - Sunrise

Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau / US, 1927 / 94 min.

A farmer falls in love with a woman on holiday from the city and plans to abandon his family. He contemplates killing his wife to be with his new love, but has a change of heart at the supreme moment and decides to stay with his wife. He now needs to regain a trust lost.

Sunrise poster

The French master pianist Alexandre Tharaud improvises a classical score to the film on Saturday 28 April. Sunrise received four Oscars at the first ever Academy Award ceremony in 1929. F.W. Murnau”s first American film is still regarded as one of the best films ever made.



Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau

Production year




Original title

EYE in het Muziekgebouw - Sunrise


94 min.

Sunrise a song of two humans 69653 1400x1050
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