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EYE on Art X Robotanica

Transnatural presents an evening dedicated to nature and robotics. We explore the rise of a natural reality driven by technology on the basis of short films, interviews, performances and project demonstrations. A preview of The Man Machine programme offered by Eye from 18 October to 13 November.

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Programme EYE on Art X Robotanic:

PlasmTez (NL/IT)A performance by artist Tez on Alan Turing”s research into morphogenesis – spontaneous pattern formation in the natural world. Movements and body sensors are translated into sound by means of artificial intelligence. Plasm immerses us in the ever-evolving environment of living cells, tissue and organs.

HarvestHertog Nadler (NL/IL)The story of a rebellious olive tree causing a riot. Whilst the spontaneous protest grows, the riot police start searching through the landscape seeking to suppress the rebellion. The story is inspired by the aggressive ways in which olive branches are harvested.

StaphyloculusTheo Triantafyllidis (US/GR)This Virtual Reality experience attempts to recreate the first known outbreak of Polywobbly Fervenitis. Due to exposure to the desert sun, a VR headset had a chemical reaction that somehow started a computer virus. The computer virus managed to mutate itself into a strain of bacteria and is now known as Staphyloculus – a virus that is spread through the use of Virtual Reality headsets. The phenomenon greatly puzzles the scientific community, which is anxiously looking for a cure.

Mother Earth NetworkElise Marcus (NL)What if our planet could tell us what it needs? The Mother Earth Network offers a new way to feel empathy for our planet through artificial intelligence. A kit consisting of data collectors that can measure water, air, soil, and plants, allows people from all over the world to upload data into the Mother Earth Network. When we feel more connected with our surroundings, will we be motivated to live in a more sustainable way?

About Transnatural

From 1-15 June Transnatural presents an open-air exhibition in Amsterdam”s Tolhuistuin exploring the introduction of robotics in the natural world. Robotanica focuses on theimminent period of “a new natural world”, with a wilderness of technological creatures emerging. In great and small ways, the new complex of technology and ecosystems can have a positive influence on the Anthropocene – the term coined for the present period in which human activity negatively impacts on all earth systems. Are we dealing with a new evolution now that robotics are introduced in the natural world? Are species on the verge of extinction replaced by artificial ones to keep the ecosystem in check?

Film programme The Man Machine

18 October to 13 November 2018 in Eye

Human and machine intelligence will be collaborating in the near future, but how far do we want to take this? Big data in the hands of robots sounds like a problem rather than a solution. All possible scenarios are considered in the four-week film programme The Man Machine, which draws heavily on Eye”s collection: Futura the Machine-Woman in Fritz Lang”s cult classic Metropolis (1927) to robot Gort who saves the earth in The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) and Ex Machina (2014), in which the highest form of artificial intelligence is subjected to the Turing test. Is the moment when artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence a dream or a nightmare? Filmmakers have long known the answer: it is both.

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The Man Machine

What is unique about human beings when a robot can not only imitate our actions, but artificial intelligence even exceeds our thinking capacity?

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campaign image The Man Machine (still from Ex Machina (Alex Garland, GB 2014)
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