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Eye on Sound: Beyond the Rocks

Sam Wood / US, 1922 / 81 min.

One of the great ‘lost’ films from Hollywood’s Golden Age. Hollywood legends Rudolph Valentino and Gloria Swanson – the Johnny Depp and Scarlett Johansson of their times – star in this superb melodrama. With live musical accompaniment.

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Swanson plays Theodora Fitzgerald, the daughter of an impoverished aristocrat. Valentino is the amiable Count Hector Bracondale, a man infinitely more interesting than the middle-aged millionaire Theodora has reluctantly agreed to marry for her father”s sake.


For decades Beyond the Rocks was considered one of the great “lost” films from Hollywood”s Golden Age. The discovery of Sam Wood's classic by the Filmmuseum made international headlines.

After a complicated process of conservation and restoration, Beyond the Rocks world premiered for the second time at the 2005 Filmmuseum Biennale. The film was subsequently screened at a number of festivals, including the 2005 Cannes Film Festival.

With live accompaniment by pianist Martin de Ruiter.

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Sam Wood

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Eye on Sound: Beyond the Rocks


81 min.



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Eye on Sound

What would Sergio Leone’s films be without Ennio Morricone’s world-renowned scores? And what remains of Blade Runner without Vangelis’ unworldly synthesizers? Who doesn’t immediately think of Miles Davis’ languid nocturnal jazz in the case of Ascenseur pour l’échafaud? Music and sound are an essential part of the cinematic experience. In fact, they are vital to the experience of film.

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Eye on Sound: live music in Eye's arena
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