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Eyeshadow: American Psycho + Toko Joyce


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The 1980s: the era of yuppie dominance. Take Patrick Bateman, a successful Wall Street banker who likes to spend big on designer clothes and has an apartment straight out of a high-end interior magazine. The bathroom is well stocked with the most expensive skincare products and the huge dressing room has row after row of suits by Armani, Yves St. Laurent and Versace.

What his Wall Street colleagues don”t know is that Bateman likes to pick up city dwellers after work to take them back to his apartment, cut them up into manageable pieces with his surgical precision tools and stuff them in the freezer.

understated satire

Filmmaker Mary Harron”s prime focus is not so much on Bateman”s acts of horror as on the psychology of this – unimaginable – character. The film is also an understated satire on the '80s, when clouds of cocaine filled the streets of Manhattan and bankers and other riff-raff believed to be kings of the world.

indie-funk from Antwerp

Also lightly inspired by the '80s is the five strong Antwerp band Toko Joyce, who like reinventing the legacy of such iconic art-rock bands as the Talking Heads with funky rhythms and grooves of their own that are designed to make you dance and leave you in a good mood.

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Eyeshadow is a monthly series on Saturday night featuring cool, offbeat and thrilling films, live performances and drinks at the bar. Each edition starts with a film screening, followed by a performance. Every month Eyeshadow selects a high-profile modern classic with a striking soundtrack. After the film screening, a live band plays music that connects with the film.

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