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Eyeshadow: Any Way the Wind Blows & Dollkraut

Eyeshadow brings you cool, offbeat and thrilling films followed by live performances in the bar area. This month Any Way the Wind Blows, followed by Dollkraut.

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First a film, then a live show in IJlounge: every month Eyeshadow selects a high-profile modern classic with a striking soundtrack.

any way the wind blows

Start: 21:30, with an introduction

dEUS singer Tom Barman attracted attention directing the light-hearted Any Way the Wind Blows. The film”s action is propelled by the music of Square Pusher, Charlie Parker, Mingus and others.


Start: 23:30

Dollkraut”s breakthrough came in 2014 when he debuted with “Schimanskis Black Lullabies”, an album filled with songs that feel like an obscure seventies soundtrack. Dollkraut is inspired by early electronics, exotic psychedelics, 1970s Turkish disco music, spacey synthesizers, disco and wave with a hint of Ennio Morricone. Exciting and highly danceable.


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