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Eyeshadow: Boyz n the Hood + Sor

Boyz n the hood + Sor


Unbelievable but true: John Singleton was a complete cinematic novice when Columbia let him make his first feature film on three African American youths growing up in Los Angeles’ South Central neighbourhood. Singleton was in his early twenties when he sent his slightly autobiographical screenplay to the studios. Columbia jumped at the offer because of the similarities with Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing (1989). With a show by Sor, one of the creative geniuses behind Black Acid.

poster Boyz N the Hood (John Singleton, US 1991)

Doughboy, Ricky and Tre grow up in South Central, a drug-infested neighbourhood in Los Angeles. The three go their separate ways: Tre is kept on the right track by his father, Ricky is hoping to go to university while Doughboy turns to violence and alcohol. Singleton leaves the stereotypical ‘criminal rapper from the hood’ well behind him and portrays the people living in South Central foremost as humans rather than caricatures. The film is full of slice-of-life scenes making it easy to identify with the main characters and their all too human struggles. Rapper Ice Cube played his first major acting role in a film that is partly carried by the soundtrack featuring Ice Cube himself, Monie Love and The 2 Live Crew.


Sor is one of the creative geniuses behind Black Acid. Within the collective, he is not only responsible for the vocals but also for a large share of the productions. Last year he experienced hearing loss, challenging him to work even more creatively. The use of synthesizers, with their characteristically rich sound, proved to be the answer and they are now a hallmark of Sor’s work. In 2018 Sor released a few tracks together with Cry, Wally A$M, members of ANBU and also collaborated with rapper Adje and producer Roselilah on ‘9’, for which he created a wavey topline. In 2019 Sor signed up with Noah’s Ark, where he released his EP ‘PHONAK’, named after the hearing aid he now wears around his neck.



John Singleton

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Boyz n the hood + Sor







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Ronald Simons

still from Boyz N the Hood (John Singleton, US 1991)

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