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still from Gummo (Harmony Korine, US 1997)

Eyeshadow: Gummo + Idiott Smith

A proven classic followed by an upcoming band: this time a show by Idiott Smith to follow Gummo, Harmony Korine’s feature film debut about teenagers in rural Ohio. What else is there to do but get high on glue? The singer-songwriter from Groningen recalls lost loves and friendships in melancholic but gripping R&B and lo-fi synth pop.

poster Gummo (Harmony Korine, US 1997)

Xenia, Ohio. Rural as rural can be. Nothing doing. So Solomon and Tummler spend their days sniffing glue, killing cats, getting bored out of their skulls and trying to cope with their white trash existence. Korine paints a bleak portrait of kids in a world marred by callousness, poverty and moral emptiness. Vilified in the US (“nihilistic”), winner of the KNF award at the IFFR.


Harmony Korine (Spring Breakers) lived in New York City as a skateboard kid. At the age of twenty he wrote the screenplay for the controversial film Kids (1995) directed by photographer Larry Clark. Gummo was also one of the first screen appearances of Chloë Sevigny, who went on to play memorable roles in David Fincher”s Zodiac and Jim Jarmusch”s The Dead Don”t Die .

neo crooner

Idiott Smith (Roy Veenstra), accompanied by Karel on drum pads, builds upon Gummo's eclectic sound track (featuring songs by Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison, but also Burzum”s “Tour around the Transcendental Pillars of Singularity”). In other words: emotional songs about love and friendship sung by a neo crooner who is increasingly heard in the underground club scenes of Amsterdam and Berlin.

Idiott Smith brings elaborate, dreamy lo-fi synth pop that cuts like a knife with a trickle of R&B undercurrents. “Smooth tunes, syrupy songs” by a musician who is a fan of the films of Gus van Sant (My Private Idaho).

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Cinema and music have been influencing and reinforcing each other since the invention of film. Reason enough for Eye to put that clever combination centre stage in the Eyeshadow series.

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still from Gummo (Harmony Korine, US 1997)
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