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Eyeshadow: Lethal Weapon + 4B2M

A proven classic with a happening band. This time a show by 4B2M to follow on Lethal Weapon: hypnagogic pop seasoned with pumping krautrock meets Mel Gibson en Danny Glover!

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The Lethal Weapon films (four in all) have been aired on commercial TV countless times. It makes us forget that the heady mix of action, dosed violence and smart one-liners is really meant to be relished on the big screen. Where else do the blows fall harder and the one-liners sound sharper than through the speakers?

incompatible characters

The screenplay for the classic among the action films was produced by Shane Black, a man with an extraordinary talent for mixing comedy, action and tough guys.

In the first Lethal Weapon (1987), Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover), a cop on the brink of retirement, is sent after a heavily armed drug lord together with his new partner Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson), a hardboiled cynic who”s been through the wringer once too often. A daredevil man of action versus a cautious family man: the characters are incompatible, to put it mildly. Murtaugh: “I”m too old for this shit!”

designer drug

Following the fireworks of Lethal Weapon, 4B2M (4 Brothers, 2 Mothers) get cracking with “hypnagogic pop, R&B krautrock smash hits and space horses”. In their own words, music that sounds like “a designer drug”. Sounds great, sounds steamy and sounds like we want more. Watch out for the drum solo.

4B2M is Rocco Hueting (De Staat), Jimmi Hueting (Jo Goes Hunting) and Cas and Teun Hieltjes (St Tropez, Go Back To the Zoo).

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Cinema and music have been influencing and reinforcing each other since the invention of film. Reason enough for Eye to put that clever combination centre stage in the Eyeshadow series.

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