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Eyeshadow: The Virgin Suicides & Amber Arcades

Eyeshadow brings you cool, offbeat and thrilling films followed by live performances in the bar area. This month The Virgin Suicides, followed by Amber Arcades.

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First a film, then a live show in IJlounge: every month Eyeshadow selects a high-profile modern classic with a striking soundtrack.

the virgin suicides

Start: 21:30, with an introduction

Sofia Coppola”s dreamy and slightly melancholic debut about five beautiful but tragic sisters whose suicides remain shrouded in mystery. Kirsten Dunst delivers a star performance. The film”s delicate and elusive style is underpinned by a subtle score by Air, along with seventies hits.

amber arcades

Start: 23:30

"Picture perfect psych pop" and "a spacey chunk of low key techno folk": Amber Arcades gets rave reviews. Amber Arcades (Annelotte de Graaf) creates melancholic folk ballads. She previously recorded a dreamy pop album in New York, a mixture of kraut-inspired drums, guitars and fuzzed-out organs. She was also the support act for Nada Surf in the US in 2016.


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