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Fatum (Room 216)

Ramón Gieling / NL, 2017 / 74 min.

A high-ranking military officer is being questioned in an interrogation room about the disappearance of a woman. He is monitored by three cameras; the footage is alternated with  images from the crime scene. Underpinned by Paul M. van Bruggen’s composition ‘Fatum’, the story of a crime unfolds in the titular film.

Fatum room 216 poster
The detectives call in a colonel to help them investigate the disappearance of two women who were raped and murdered. The man is not under arrest, the request for aid is friendly. Three cameras in the interrogation room record the conversation that is amounts to a subtle interrogation in its own right. The colonel can leave the room, bring in a lawyer or remain silent at any time.

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Ramón Gieling

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Fatum (Room 216)


74 min.





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Ramón Gieling at Work

Filmmaker, writer, theatre-maker, visual artist: in every role Ramón Gieling wants to get to the bottom of things and see what drives people. The maker of En un momento dado, an extraordinary film about Johan Cruyff’s years in Barcelona, and Erbarme dich (St Matthew Passion), likes to explore the boundary between reality and imagination.

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Ramón Gieling © Bob Bronshoff
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