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Oproerkraaiers sunny bergman 3

Film als vorm van activisme - masterclass Sunny Bergman

In this masterclass, director Sunny Bergman talks about the interaction between film and activism using scenes from her latest film Oproerkraaiers and excerpts from earlier work. How can you use film as a form of activism? And how do you use your own ideals when making films? During the master class participants will analyze film scenes and start working on a hands-on assignment. The audience will also have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss their own film plans.

Oproerkraaiers sunny bergman 1

Sunny Bergman (1972) makes personal essayistic documentaries that influence public opinion. With her films, she tries to create awareness and initiates processes of social change - especially in the fields of feminism and anti-racism. Her films often start from a personal point of view, but have a larger goal: to change social consciousness (provoking people to question their own assumptions and prejudices). In recent years she has made documentaries for the VPRO such as Over the Hill, Slutphobia, Sunny Side of Sex, Our Colonial Hangover and The Colour White.


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