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header Cinema Ecologica: Film, Future, Fashion + Dolly Vellanki

Film, Future, Fashion + Dolly Vellanki

Cinema Ecologica: Film, Future, Fashion + Dolly Vellanki

Short fashion films from Eye's collection and film clips that are a feast for the eye, make us laugh and at the same time get us thinking about the fashion industry. Tonight’s speaker is Dolly Vellanki, one of the innovation experts at the Fashion for Good Museum.

poster Cinema Ecologica: Film, Future, Fashion + Dolly Vellanki

Dolly Vellanki talks about a future when we will wear clothing made from materials such as apple peel and mushroom leather, or even from ones and zeroes. This presentation follows the Clothing Swap at 17:00.

Future of fashion

The future of fashion must prepare itself for the rapidly digitising world. Advances in digital design, new forms of consumer engagement and digital-only fashion experiences are changing the relationship we have with fashion and fashion brands. In this session, we will talk about the need and challenges when digitising fashion and its supply chain, and get introduced to some impressive innovations in this space. As a takeaway, we will explore how to engage with fashion in new ways.

The future of fashion is also being redefined by new and alternative materials, such as mycelium and agriwaste. We will explore innovations in the space of bio-based and man-made materials. As a takeaway, we will discuss some key material questions to ask yourself as consumers.

Dolly Vellanki

Dolly Vellanki is an Innovation Analyst at Fashion for Good, a global platform for sustainable fashion innovation. Dolly is responsible for scouting, screening and scaling innovators developing solutions that accelerate digital transformation strategies, such as design, virtual fashion experiences, digital fashion, and more. She also orchestrates the Sorting for Circularity Europe Project, which brings instrumental stakeholders across the industry to advance the necessary infrastructure for collecting, sorting, and recycling post-consumer textiles.


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still #59 (Joost Rekveld, 2023)

Why in Eye

Eye's collection contains fashion films and advertisements that will leave you reeling with astonishment: for example, advice to carry five handbags every day, so you are always up to the minute. How far would you go to be fashionable? When do you become a fashion victim, perpetually in search of the latest fashion dopamine hit, and blind to the consequences for climate and ecology?

Anna Abrahams
programmeur Eye

Cinema Ecologica: Film, Future, Fashion (Mirum, a Natural Rubber by Natural Fiber Welding, © Alina Krasieva)
Cinema Ecologica: Film, Future, Fashion (Lab grown cotton, © Galy)
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