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still In a Lonely Place (Nicholas Ray, US 1950)

Film Noir Lezing: noir in de polder

Lecture and film screening

The Netherlands and film noir: do they go together? Film expert Peter Verstraten takes a deep dive into typical examples of ‘polder noir’ such as Fons Rademakers’ Twee druppels water and Parfait amour by Jean van de Velde.

Poster Noir in de polder

In his lecture, Lecturer in Film and Literary Studies at Leiden University Peter Verstraten asks whether there is such a thing as Dutch film noir.

His search embraces classics of Dutch cinema history such as De vergeten medeminnaar (John Korporaal, 1963), Als twee druppels water (Fons Rademakers, 1963) and Parfait amour (Jean van de Velde, 1985).


  • Lecture by Peter Verstraten (40’, in Dutch)

  • Film screening: In a Lonely Place (Nicholas Ray, US 1950, 94')

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Nicholas Ray

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Film Noir

Rain-drenched streets, curls of cigarette smoke, and men with a dark past. An inescapable fate and a femme fatale, sly and sexually independent. This summer Eye is presenting an extended programme of classic film noir, featuring masterpieces such as The Third Man and In a Lonely Place starring Humphrey Bogart. With vintage 35mm prints and newly restored works.

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still from Als twee druppels water (Fons Rademakers, NL 1963)
still In a Lonely Place (Nicholas Ray, US 1950)

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