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still from Missing Pictures (Naomi Kawase's Oh Debu)

Film & VR: In Conversation with Naomi Kawase & Clément Deneux

Film & VR: In Conversation with Naomi Kawase & Clément Deneux

Celebrated Japanese director Naomi Kawase and director of the VR series Missing Pictures Clément Deneux in conversation with Michel Reilhac. Kawase will talk about her sources of inspiration, the films she dreams of still making and the differences when approaching film and VR experiences. VR director Deneux will discuss the choice for these five film directors and how they collaborated to transform their 2D dreams into an immersive 3D experience.

poster Xtended: Missing Pictures
In his VR series Missing Pictures, French documentary maker Clément Deneux gets five top international directors to talk about beloved projects that never came to fruition. He decided, in cooperation with the makers, to take a scene from the story of these unmade dream films and animate it. Abel Ferrara, Tsai Ming-liang, Catherine Hardwicke, Naomi Kawase and Lee Myung-Se collaborated on the scripts, provided photos and archival material and were involved in the art direction.


Naomi Kawase was never able to make her film Oh Debu. In the VR work, Japan’s most celebrated filmmaker looks back on her plans for this comedy, in which an overweight 27-year-old heroine with an over-romantic inner life was to play the lead. This evening, Kawase will discuss where she found inspiration, the films she still dreams of making and the differences in approach between film and VR experiences.

She will also talk about the films she did make, and which Eye is screening parallel to the VR experience. Each a jewel of contemporary cinema that premièred at major international festivals, winning many awards: Shara (2003), The Mourning Forest (2007), Still the Water (2014), An (2015) and True Mothers (2020).

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Virtual Reality productions are an increasingly important element of the contemporary film experience. Eye has created a new programme, Xtended, to focus on VR. In Xtended, you’re not confronted with the flat surface of a film screen. You move around virtually in 3D through a designed space that surrounds and immerses you on all sides.

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Xtended: Angels in Amsterdam in Eye © Tibor Dieters
still from Missing Pictures (Tsai Ming-Liang's The Seven-Story Building)
still from Missing Pictures (Abel Ferrara's Birds of Prey)
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