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Filmleraar van het Jaar 2021

A program especially for teachers only: The festive presentation of the annual teacher of the year election, in collaboration with Netwerk Filmeducatie. An inspirational program filled with tips on how to meaningfully use film in education. Followed by networking drinks. 

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In addition to the festive award ceremony, the afternoon is also devoted to inspiration. We show film education can play a meaningful role in education. This is done on the basis of the documentary An Intermission, accompanied by a Q&A with the director.

This programme is only accessible to teachers. Tickets are free.


  • An Intermission (Edwin Mingard, GB 2020) (23 min.)

    Director Edwin Mingard worked with a group of young homeless people to portray their views on the world. In their short film we hear how they see contemporary Britain, as well as their collective story of abandonment and resilience.

    You hardly ever see or hear anything about young homeless people, and even when they do appear in a film, the portrayal of their lives may not be very accurate. Artist and filmmaker Edwin Mingard thought it was time for a new approach.

    The short film An Intermission provided young homeless people in Britain the opportunity to tell their own story. They appear not only in front of the camera but also behind it. We see them experimenting with microphones and music, or coloring the film negative with felt-tip pens, working collaboratively with the filmmakers. Meanwhile, we hear how they see contemporary Britain.

    This process was also a way for the young makers to look back on what they have experienced, where they want to go, and what is important to them. Mingard has compiled this material in a free, almost dreamlike atmosphere. It is a project that exudes creativity and resilience, and above all feels completely sincere.

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IDFA 2021

Documentary lovers, keep November 17 to 28 free in your calendar. The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam presents its 34th edition in cinemas throughout Amsterdam, including several special programs in Eye.

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campaign image IDFA 2021
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