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still The Perfect Fit (Meinardas Valkevičius, LT 2022)

Filmmagie: Kort, korter, kortst

Filmmagie: Kort, korter, kortst

Around the shortest day of the year we celebrate Short Film Day. With a special film program we treat children to the best shorts from all over Europe. 

poster Filmmagie: Kort, korter, kortst

Dance around with the characters in these films, you can dance in a tutu, in space or even with horses! (From 6 years)


  • still Tutu (Gaspar Chabaud, BE 2018)

    Tutu (Gaspar Chabaud, BE 2018, 4’)

    The tale of Little red riding hood told on stage, under the spotlight and through the rhythm of Tchaïkovski’s music.

  • still Un grain dans l'espace (Emily Worms, BE 2018)

    Un grain dans l'espace (Emily Worms, BE 2018, 1’)

    An astronaut has bad luck in space.

  • still Dans les nuages blancs (Myrthe Majoor, NL 2020)

    Dans les nuages blancs (Myrthe Majoor, NL 2020, 9’)

    A boy tries to befriend a wild horse. Will this dream become reality?

  • still The Perfect Fit (Meinardas Valkevičius, LT 2022)

    The Perfect Fit (Meinardas Valkevičius, LT 2022, 10’)

    Patrick lives in a children’s home. After seeing a parrot in the zoo, he becomes obsessed with them, which makes it even harder to find parents who want to adopt him.

  • still Just Little Imps (Dimitri Mihajlovic & Leonor Pacheco, PT 2023)

    Just Little Imps (Dimitri Mihajlovic & Leonor Pacheco, PT 2023, 3’)

    An animated short about a little girl who struggles to fall asleep. Because every time she closes her eyes, small impish creatures appear from the darkness. Directed by 6th and 9th grade students under the guidance of Dimitri Mihajlovic and Leonor Pacheco.

  • still Kantelpunt (Bart Piraat, NL 2022)

    Tipping Point (Bart Piraat, NL 2022, 11’)

    Tipping Point tells the story of Sustania, a world that is, in a sense, literally thrown off balance when its inhabitants start exploiting a previously inaccessible part of their world.

  • Make your own flip book (30')

    After the film programme you can make your own flip book in the cinema. A flip book is a little book with a small drawing that changes a tiny bit on each page. When you flip through the pages of the book with your thumb, these drawings zoom past really fast. The individual pictures blur together like a film. So with your flip book you are really making your own mini-animated film!

All children must be accompanied. Filmmagie is not suitable for children’s parties.

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Filmmagie [Film Magic] is watching and making. Discover the magic of cinema with short animations from Eye’s extensive collection. After watching the film, there is a creative activity for the children, in which they get to work with the movement of images.

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