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Flatform – The Otherwise and the Elsewhere of Reality

FLATFORM is a group of artists from Milan and Berlin founded in 2006. The collective makes installations and films in which landscapes play a prominent role. A special evening featuring the world premiere of their latest work Eleven Trails in the presence of the makers.

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1. World premiere:

Eleven Trails (2013-2018)A bus trip. Three cameras, placed near each door, show the view from the inside to the outside. The landscape outside and the people in it seem to elude our gaze.

2. Movement as Atmospheric Agent, with:

Movements of an Impossible Time (2011)|Rain, wind, snow and fog are accompanied by Maurice Ravel”s Quartet in F major. Each audio track corresponds with the type of weather: the sound of the first violin drips like the rain, that of the second violin is snow-muffled, that of the viola moves like the wind and the sound of the cello resonates as if inside a fog.

Cannot be anything against the wind (2010)FLATFORM shot sequences of landscapes in an area of 60 km. The mosaics constantly change as does the horizon and the bodies are distant. The landscape is seen in a variety of speeds and movements.

3. The Elsewhere, In And Out Of Shot, with:

Trento Symphonia (2014)Sunset in a mountain landscape. We see an orchestra, a choir, and a large group of “living music stands” as they are filmed playing the first part of Mahler”s 8th Symphony. The musicians gradually begin to move in a precise choreography. Ultimately, the music and the landscape merge.

A Place to Come (2011) A man crosses a landscape with two dogs. Another person walks along a ridge and stops to look at the skyline. There is fog everywhere. As in this fog, we see a reality shrouded in mists.

4. Light as Time Vector, with:

57.600 Seconds of Invisible Night and Light (2009)In this study of time and memory, twelve people walk the same route four times on the same day, each time attempting to copy their previous movements. Day turns into night and back again as they move on, unaware of the distortion of time.

Quantum (2015)A town observed from a hill resembles an architectural model illuminated like the interior of a house. Places emerge like miniatures and come alive by switching the lights in the room on and off. Meanwhile, the sounds shift and double.

Films courtesy Light Cone

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still from Cloacinae Serge Onnen & Sverre Fredriksen, NL 2017)
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