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still from Forest: I See You Everywhere (Benedek Fliegauf, HU 2021)

Forest - I See You Everywhere

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Benedek Fliegauf / HU, 2021 / 112 min.

Seven hypnotic miniatures portray people in their individual crises. To start with, the episodes still seem innocent, however the claustrophobic psychodrama becomes increasingly intense. This tale of guilt and punishment is drenched in everyday horror and won the Silver Bear in Berlin for Best Supporting Performance. Now released in the Netherlands.

poster Forest: I See You Everywhere (Benedek Fliegauf, HU 2021)
A grandfather says nothing – is he still alive? A man talks to the wardrobe – why? Ghostly figures creep into the lives and conversations of couples and families. They are the lost, the repressed and the missing. In the meantime, a quack urges the naïve to their deaths. It’s hard to say who the victim and who the guilty is.

This film will also be released in national cinemas by Eye Filmmuseum.

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Benedek Fliegauf

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Rengeteg - Mindenhol látlak


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still from Forest: I See You Everywhere (Benedek Fliegauf, HU 2021)
still from Forest: I See You Everywhere (Benedek Fliegauf, HU 2021)
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