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Games Amsterdam

Games Amsterdam

Kaboom 2023: Games Amsterdam

Animation has the power to transport you to other worlds and realities. But by adding the element of interactivity, games allow you to actually live in those worlds and to experience things you could never experience as your fleshy human self!

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This year at Kaboom, you get the chance to battle evil itself and to solve mysteries as a tiny fox, to make friends throughout an insect world while spinning webs and riding a skateboard, to escape a possessed arcade as a unicorn and to explore an exotic underwater world... IN SPACE!!!! These games will entertain, frighten, amuse and inspire you from the comfort of our gaming areas in Utrecht and Amsterdam. Entrance is free of charge.

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Kaboom 2023

Mark your calendar, set the alarm… March 30th through April 2nd. Let yourself be immersed in the animation world during Kaboom Animation Festival. The festival can also be followed online until 2 April.

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