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Research Labs 2022: Rietveld Academie

Gerrit Rietveld Academie: Oceanic imaginaries

Research Labs 2022

How can we liquefy our ways of being? How can we think from and with the ocean? Students from Gerrit Rietveld Academy will take you on a journey, investigating the uncertainty, unlimitedness and power of both our being and the ocean.

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The topic of Oceanic imaginaries has been taken aboard as a starting point to develop a variety of experimental films in the context of this year’s Research Lab.

Through both sound and visuals, the oceans meditative yet disruptive hallucinations are revisited. The sometimes enigmatic depth of ambient & experimental & techno soundscapes relating to the underwater acoustic world brings the viewer (and listener) into other dimensions. We hear, rather than see the blue mind, describing a meditative state usually experienced underwater.

Fluid identities

The ocean can also be experienced as a transformative and immersive space: a space of effect and metamorphosis in which bodies and identities become fluid, and in which human and non-human entities meet. Here the concept swirls around anthropocentrism and its strong impact both on humanity and the ocean. Or it becomes a personal video essay reflecting on the lawlessness of the ocean, what it attracts and what it affords.

One of the works is an installation: Layers/Layer. It can be experienced in the 'Waterfront'

The following students participated: Albert Rosager & Ada Jochimsen, Anna Sieberns, Astrid Ardagh, Athena Potamianos, Cecily Grant, Colin Oord, Dick Alle Huppes, Dimme van Harten, Félicie Vitrai, Greta Galiauskaite, Katya Marchenko & Didi van der Putte, Leo Mokkala, Lucie Dudová, Maïa Taïeb, Martina Laruffa, Noa Bar Orian, Pam Sikkink, Yana Khazanovich, Yi Wang & Irene Ruigrok van der Werve.

Guided by Anja Masling, Margriet Kruyver, Mariken Overdijk and Martin Grootenboer.

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Research Labs

In 2022 we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Eye Research Labs. Every year during the time of the Research Labs presentations, Eye is a hub for students of academies and universities who flock to present their own work and view that of others.

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campaign image Research Labs 2022 (VRAcademy)
Research Labs 2022: Rietveld Academie
Research Labs 2022: Rietveld Academie
A performance to accompany Switch during Research Labs 2022

Winners 2022

During the festive 10th edition, the Best, Most Urgent and Most Surprising works were awarded by the Cherry Pickers, a group of students from the participating academies.

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