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Still Good Time Josh Safdie Benny Safdie US 2017 0

Good Time

Ben Safdie, Joshua Safdie / US, 2017 / 102 min.

The neo-noir film that put Ben & Josh Safdie on the map as filmmakers. With a lead role for Robert Pattinson as a failed bank robber who tries to pick up the pieces with his brother and robber companion. The first film score written by electro legend Oneohtrix Point Never is full of icy synths and dark soundscapes.

Poster Good Time Josh Safdie Benny Safdie US 2017

Like his admirer, and later collaborator Sakamoto, Daniel Lopatin (aka Oneohtrix Point Never) had already made a name for himself as an electro pioneer when he was asked by the Safdie brothers to score their thriller Good Time.

Lopatin’s first film score switches between sultry ambient and nervous synthesizers, making it the perfect support for this story about two tragic brothers (played by Robert Pattinson and Benny Safdie) who try to pick up the pieces following a heist gone wrong. In between the ensuing panic and misery, there are just enough gleams of hope and reflection, which beautifully resounds in the ballad The Pure and the Damned written for the film and performed by Iggy Pop.

With an introduction by Eye on Sound programmer Thijs Havens.



Ben Safdie, Joshua Safdie

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Good Time


102 min.







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Still Good Time Josh Safdie Benny Safdie US 2017 1
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