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Het geheim van Delft

Maurits Binger / NL, 1917 / 62 min.

Lily Bouwmeester and Annie Bos, two divas of the early Dutch cinema, star in this spectacular production by Maurits Binger’s Hollandia Film company. A striking feature of this successful mix of crime and melodrama is its ingenious use of tinting and the action scenes: Annie Bos let herself be tied to the wing of a windmill for the film’s final scene.


How does that famous Delft Blue pottery acquire its beautiful shine? The nephew of an inventor working for an earthenware factory is determined to worm the secret out of his uncle even if it means the poor man gets sent to prison. The inventor”s daughters Lily Bouwmeester and Annie Bos turn the tables in a spectacular final scene, with a key role reserved for a classic Dutch symbol, the windmill.

Binger”s ninth feature film was long regarded as lost, but was recovered and restored to its former glory by the Filmmuseum in 1995. The restoration also highlighted Binger”s resourceful use of tinting, employing different gradations of colour. Sometimes he even varied the background colour within a single take.

With live musical accompaniment by pianists Daan van der Hurk and Anne-Maartje Lemereis.



Maurits Binger

Production year




Original title

Het geheim van Delft


62 min.



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Geheim van delft