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Hommage aan Jan Blokker & Hoogste tijd

He was a formidable journalist, a feared columnist working for  De Volkskrant. Yet Jan Blokker also played an important role in the cinematographic work of Frans Weisz. Blokker co-scripted two of Weisz’s TV series, his directorial debut A Gangstergirl and Last Call, Weisz’s adaptation ofHarry Mulisch’s novel Hoogste Tijd. Jan Blokker’s son Bas talks with Weisz about his working relationship with Blokker senior. Followed by the screening of Last Call, starring Rijk de Gooyer (Golden Calf), Pierre Bokma and Kitty Courbois. 

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Frans Weisz

To mark the premiere of Frans Weisz’s latest film Het leven is vurrukkulluk, based on Remco Campert’s sparkling novel, Eye presents a programme of films by one of the Netherlands’ most prominent filmmakers of the past fifty years. Frans Weisz, actors and crew will attend a number of the screenings.

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campaign image Frans Weisz - Filmen is vurrukkulluk (still from Het gangstermeisje (Frans Weisz, NL 1966))
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