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Houses Without Doors + Hello Psychaleppo

Houses Without Doors is the opening film of EYE’s Syrian New Waves programme. The documentary chronicles the changes in the life of an Armenian family in the Al-Midan district on Aleppo’s frontline. A hundred years ago this district offered shelter to persecuted Armenians and today it harbours numerous refugee Syrians. With live musical accompaniment by Hello Psychaleppo, the music project that also provided the music for this film. Followed by a Q&A with the director.

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The filmmaker documents the changes in his neighbourhood and in his own family from the balcony of his home. His parents continue their daily routine in his apartment – they watch TV, do the dishes, smoke and wonder when all this misery will be over. These images are alternated with scenes from classical films to illustrate the parallels between the Armenian genocide and contemporary Syrian reality, such as Alejandro Jodorowsky”s El topo. The director filmed with a broken lens – the view of reality in Syria, too, is clouded.

Following the screening to live music and a Q&A with director Avo Kaprealian in the theatre, the opening night of EYE”s Syrian New Waves programme continues in the foyer near Cinema 1 with another live set by Hello Psychaleppo. Ammar al-Beik”s Lost Images exhibition can be seen in the foyer.

Syrian New Waves curator Donatella Della Ratta connects the work of Kaprealian with Sergey Parajanov”s The Color of Pomegranates (1969). Parajanov”s free and associative portrait filled with metaphors and dreams is screened at 16.30 on 10 September.


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