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Double indemnity 15

How fast was I going officer?' - Double Indemnity & censuur in Hollywood

Historian Klaas Feij offers a comprehensive introduction (in Dutch) to Wilder’s razor-sharp Double Indemnity: "This film noir classic may have abided by the Hollywood code of censorship, but it’s ‘just a little more rotten’ than we would expect from The Golden Age of Hollywood."


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Sweet & Sour: The Films of Billy Wilder

The legendary screenwriter and Hollywood director Billy Wilder was a brilliant word artist. His Oscar-winning classics are brimming with irresistible and cynical humour: incredibly funny, bold and incisive.

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campaign image Sweet & Sour: The Films of Billy Wilder (still from The Seven Year Itch (Billy Wilder, US 1955))
Double indemnity 14
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