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still I Don't Wanna Dance (Flynn von Kleist, NL 2020)

I Don't Wanna Dance

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Flynn von Kleist / NL, 2021 / 90 min.

Joey (15) has to decide whether to step out of the destructive dance with his mother or stick with her at the cost of his own happiness. A true story, told and performed by Yfendo van Praag, the boy who experienced it in real life. 

poster I Don't Wanna Dance (Flynn von Kleist, NL 2020)
Tonight, Eye’s youth community MovieZone presents this screening of I Don't Wanna Dance. Having lived for two years with their aunt, fifteen-year-old Joey (Yfendo van Praag) and his younger brother are delighted to be returned to their mother (Romana Vrede). At first all is well: the house is clean, the fridge full, Daphne has work and Joey settles in at a dance group. It promises to be a great summer.

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Flynn von Kleist

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I Don't Wanna Dance


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Earcatch, Subcatch

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Fancy enjoying a relaxed drink on a sultry summer evening while watching an exceptional film? Well you can, because this year once again we are screening films in the open air in the park next to the Eye building. This summer in our Sunsets screenings you can watch films by female directors such as Agnès Varda, Amy Heckerling and Jennie Livingston.

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still I Don't Wanna Dance (Flynn von Kleist, NL 2020)
still I Don't Wanna Dance (Flynn von Kleist, NL 2020)
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