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1 lissette orozco and adriana rivas adrianaspact

IDFA - Adriana’s Pact

Lisette Orozco / CL, 2017 / 96 min.

The Chilean Lisette Orozco had just started at the film academy when she heard that her aunt Adriana was coming to visit from Australia.

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A pleasant prospect—but when she arrived, Adriana was picked up by the police. Orozco decided to investigate. Disturbing facts start to emerge.

It turns out that her aunt worked for the DINA, the secret police during the regime of dictator Augusto Pinochet. According to those in the know, this means that she must have been complicit in the torture, killing and disappearances of enemies of the state.

Adriana insists she knew nothing of the atrocities, but then she suddenly flies back to Australia.

While Orozco stays in Chile to talk to witnesses, researchers and relatives, she remains in contact with Adriana via Skype. Is her aunt”s sorrow genuine, or manipulative? Adriana's Pact reveals how painful it is when we find ourselves forced to ask this question about a member of our own family.


IDFA”s associate programmer María Campaña Ramia talks to the director about her complicated relationship with a villain close to home. The two discuss confronting her childhood hero”s fall from grace; a cherished aunt, once adored for her glamorous lifestyle, later reviled for her involvement in activities of Pinochet's secret police.

On the 22nd of November with Doc Talk.



Lisette Orozco

Production year




Original title

IDFA - Black Sheep


96 min.


Spanish, English



2 adriana rivas adrianaspact
5 adriana rivas and lissette orozco adrianaspact
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