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IDFA - Battle & After Your Revolt, Your Vote!

Following a popular uprising in October 2014, Burkina Faso commits to a historic vote. This is the first time the country is witnessing a change of government via the ballot boxes.

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The major dynamic of the insurgency, the “Citizen”s Broom” movement, that witnessed the flight of the former president Blaise Compaoré, plays an important role in the involvement of young people and sentinels to fight for a real democracy.

We see them embark on a catchy campaign: dozens of young people are taking their message to the streets of Ouagadougou, sometimes with patriotic battle cries about freedom, sometimes with witty raps, and always with plenty of music.

We follow their attempts to encourage their countrymen to go to the polls, whatever party they choose to vote for. The enthusiasm and tenacity of these young people leaves us with a growing awareness of how hard it is to establish a functioning political system. Will democracy assert itself or is it a perpetual cycle of clan governance?


During this screening, After the Revolt, Your Vote! will be preceded by the short film Battle (Clara Lazarim, Ricardo Mollan Saito, Caio Castor, Guilherme Cerqueira César).


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