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IDFA - Forever Pure

Two Muslim players join Beitar Jerusalem, an otherwise exclusively Jewish Israeli soccer team. The consequences are colossal for the team and fans alike.

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Beitar Jerusalem is the most popular and influential soccer team in Israel. It also happens to be the only one that has never contracted a Muslim player. Forever Pure follows the team over the tumultuous 2012-2013 season. The team”s owner is Arcadi Gaydamak, a wealthy Israeli-Russian with political ambitions and an extremely dubious reputation. Following a successful first few games, Gaydamak causes shockwaves when a secret transfer deal brings two Muslim players from Chechnya onto the team.

Both young men have to face racist chants and choruses of whistles from the crowd; the slogans on the banners read “Death to the Arabs” and “Forever Pure.” Initially, the opposition comes from just a small group of radical fans, but one thing leads to another and it spirals into popular revolt and a total boycott. These events have huge consequences for the team – their performance takes a nosedive, there”s disunity among the players and a grim atmosphere in the stadium. This film is testimony to the devastating effects of racism.



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