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IDFA - God Knows Where I Am

A meticulous reconstruction of the last months in the life of a bipolar woman who was abandoned by the healthcare system.

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A series of meticulously detailed journals form the basis for this reconstruction of the life of Linda Bishop. We also hear from the ones she left behind: her sister, a girlfriend, her daughter and the owner of the abandoned house where Linda hid herself away for the last few months of her life. Directors Jedd and Todd Wider use a variety of sources and allow her story to emerge a little at a time.

Excerpts from her diary are read aloud over shots clearly showing what she saw and wrote about: the deserted house where she lived for one hard winter, the snowy surroundings and her ever-dwindling supply of apples. It looked like suicide to the police officer who found her body, but in truth it was a more complex story about a severely bipolar woman and a healthcare system that simply couldn”t handle her.



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