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Harmony factory


Isa Willinger / DE, 2019 / 88 min.

Science fiction is already fact. While scientists agonize over the philosophical questions surrounding artificial intelligence, others are working in futuristic workshops producing robots that will be part of people’s lives—as receptionists, sex objects, or simply someone to talk to.

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Chuck is lonely. When he goes to the factory to pick up his new robot girlfriend Harmony, they advise him to “Keep your sentences short and to the point.” Then off he goes with her on a road trip around the United States. She”s no dumb blond: on many occasions she reveals a very erudite artificial intelligence, which leads to some strange conversations.

In Japan, the elderly Sakurai gets a cute little robot called Pepper from her son—“So I don't become senile,” she comments ironically. But she rather enjoys interacting with Pepper.

Calmly observed and stylishly filmed, the often awkward conversations in this new world give rise to many humorous moments, and many revealing moments, too—such as when Chuck confides to Harmony about a childhood trauma. Turns out that it all comes down to a longing for human contact.



Isa Willinger

Production year




Original title

IDFA - We Are The Robots (WT)


88 min.


English, Japanese, Italian, German



Harmony landscape
Sisters pepper
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