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Still The Communion of My Cousin Andrea 2

IDFA Junior: Ochtend

The IDFA Junior morning special for children of 9 years and older. Featuring: Buck Fever, Yaren and the Sun, The Communion of my Cousin Andrea and a classic youth documentary. With special guests and fun activities. Please note: this program is in Dutch. Tickets are €8.50 each.

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The IDFA Junior morning special for children of 9 years and older: with documentaries made for and about children, with special guests and activities. Main characters from the films and the makers will be present to answer all your questions! In addition to the film program, workshops and other fun activities will take place in the foyer. Please note: The presentation is in Dutch and the films included in this program will be Dutch spoken or provided with Dutch subtitles. Tickets are €8.50.


  • Buck Fever (Griet Goelen, Louise Van Assche, BE 2021) (17 min.)

    Hunting is part of everyday life for eight-year-old Emily Fletcher and her family living in rural Texas. The stuffed heads of deer and wild boar decorate the walls of their home, along with the many crosses. The only member of the family who doesn’t have their own hunting trophy on the wall is Emily. She’s determined to correct that situation, but is also dreading it. Will she be able to overcome her fears?

    The filmmakers follow this spirited young cheerleader as she learns to shoot and skin animals, focusing mainly on the affectionate bond between Emily and her father and big brother who, with patience and humor, prepare her for her first hunt. The controversial nature of the subject matter is further softened by the use of an inventive voiceover that brings humans and animals closer together.

  • Yaren and the Sun (Joren Slaets, Renate Raman, BE 2021) (19 min.)

    Cheerful music plays and the sun shines through the trees as 10-year-old Yaren looks out the car window. It seems like the start of a relaxing vacation, but the girl is on her way to Missing You, a mourning camp in Belgium for children who have lost a loved one.

    Yaren’s mother died when she was six. Her friend Kato’s father died a year ago. Yet the atmosphere in the camp is far from mournful, as becomes obvious when we see one of the supervisors dancing with a girl to the lively song “La Bamba.” It’s fine to have fun, the children learn—it can coexist with sadness.

    The conversations between Yaren and Kato show how they struggle with universal questions: how do you move on from grief? Is a dead person still somewhere? The camp is a place where children cry and comfort one another, talk, hug, and laugh: indeed, a fine place to be for anyone who has ever mourned someone dear.

  • The Communion of My Cousin Andrea (Brandán Cerviño, ES 2021) (13 min.)

    When Andrea looks back on her Catholic First Communion in her homeland of Spain, she thinks it wasn’t glamorous enough. Her big day lacked sparkle—and flowers, and stacks of money, and a Ferrari. A year after her Communion she and her cousin, filmmaker Brandán Cerviño, look at photos and films of the event and talk about what could have made that special day even more special. Their conversations raise serious and meaningful questions about life in general, and faith in particular. Does God actually exist? Andrea has her doubts.

    Creative editing and playful special effects bring Andrea’s First Communion to life in this short documentary. The Communion of My Cousin Andrea is an original and breezy portrait of a young girl who’s growing up and thinking her own thoughts—and she no longer necessarily believes what she’s been told. It’s a personal story that tackles the universal themes of clashing generations, dealing with traditions, and growing up surrounded by social media.

  • Father Wanted: With a Piggy Nose (Annelies Kruk, NL 2012) (17 min.)

    She got her eyes and smile from her mother. Did she get her upturned nose from her father? No one who knows the answer, because 13-year-old Jaël is the child of an anonymous donor. She'll be allowed to make contact with him when she turns 16, but she doesn't want to wait that long - Jaël wants to know right now who her father is. While she's waiting, she shares with us her fantasy father - imagine John Travolta with a stubbly beard - and she explains why she wants so much to meet him. "The most important thing to me is recognition."

    Close-ups of Jaël and short conversations with her mother on the couch are intercut with dreamy shots of the teenager outside playing with her dog in the grass. Director Annelies Kruk doesn't seek out the potentially darker issues, but focuses on the teenager's excited sense of anticipation. She uses light music to create a fairytale atmosphere, and Jaël's endearing smile is never absent for long. Hurry up Dad, with your piggy nose.

    This film was shown at IDFA 2012 and is part of of the IDFA Junior program.

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