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Suzanne Raes / NL, 2019 / 55 min.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) occupies a central place in the lives of writer Lineke van den Boezem and neuroscientist Jeroen Geurts.

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Van den Boezem was recently diagnosed with the disease, and Geurts has been researching it for 15 years. Their conversation about MS forms the backbone of this film, which also follows each of them in their different approaches to the illness.

While Geurts attends conferences, consults with his team and conducts research, Van den Boezem learns to cope with her limitations, writes about it and seeks ways to slow the disease”s progression.

The film builds a bridge between the experiences and questions of the patient and the ambitions and knowledge of science, and shows that although the two sides share the same goal, their interests often diverge.

Clearly and calmly, the motives behind different approaches are presented, creating a multilayered impression of the relationship between individual experience and objective knowledge, between patient and scientist.



Suzanne Raes

Production year





55 min.


Dutch, English

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