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IDFA - Shalom Italia

Seventy years later, three Jewish-Italian brothers meet to search in a Tuscan forest for the shelter where they and their parents hid during World War II.

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Three Jewish-Italian brothers aged 73, 82 and 84 and now living in Israel meet up 70 years later to search for the place where they and their parents hid to escape the Nazis during World War II. They travel through Tuscany, past places where they lived, and wander through a dense forest looking for remains of the shelter built by their father from rocks, which for a long time was their home.

The brothers are strikingly sharp-witted and physically fit, but during this time together they sometimes face painful confrontations with their differences, and the limitations of their aging bodies. Often while enjoying a hearty Italian meal and good wine, they discuss the relative accuracy of their respective memories, with good humor and brotherly bickering. This gives the film a universal quality as a story about the tense relationship between history and the way our memories work.



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