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IDFA - Who's Gonna Love Me Now?

When Saar finds out he is HIV positive, he decides to reconnect with his family in Israel, who turned their backs on him years ago.

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Saar Maoz grew up on a kibbutz in Israel. When members of his family found out about his sexual preference for men, they ostracized him and he left for London. There, he found work and a partner, and he was able to live in freedom. But he also discovered that he was HIV positive, and his world collapsed. After almost 20 years of living abroad, he finds the strength to face his family again, with the support of his friends from the London Gay Men”s Chorus. Saar struggles with his family”s prejudices about him, but at the same time he wants to make peace with his past and return to his home country.

In this sensitive documentary, we watch as a broken man tries to heal old wounds and overcome prejudice and fear. Accompanied by a poignant soundtrack courtesy of the London Gay Men”s Chorus, Saar faces his family with disarming honesty.



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