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IDFA - Wrong Elements

Three former child soldiers who fought for Ugandan rebels return home to rebuild their lives and come to terms with their pasts and their memories.

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In 1989, the young Ugandan rebel Joseph Kony formed the Lord”s Resistance Army (LRA). He claimed that he had been visited by the Holy Spirit, and he transformed anti-government resistance into a sacred mission – one that claimed tens of thousands of victims. For a large part, his army was made up of children who had been abducted and psychologically conditioned to kill, and his commanders used young girls as sex slaves.

Wrong Elements follows Geofrey, Nighty and Mike, three former child soldiers who fled Kony”s army and are now home, trying to rebuild their lives. The trio travel to the places where they lived in the bush, raided for food and carried out the most heinous acts. They also watch videos of the hunt for LRA”s high command, who have been sent to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. The film raises questions about the line between perpetrator and victim, and about the possibility – or impossibility – of forgiveness and reconciliation.



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