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Ian cooper

Imagine Special - Manson and More: Killer Cults and Cult Movies

Writer Ian Cooper has spent many years watching everything ever made on the Manson murders, culminating in the definitive Manson Family media book: The Manson Family on Film and Television. 

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In 2019, 50 years after the murders, Cooper will visit Imagine for a talk on the lasting influence The Manson Family and other “killer” cults like Jonestown and Heaven”s Gate have had on (genre) film, ranging from classic 70's “Mansonploitation” (Sweet Savior, The Cult), documentaries (Manson) and television (Helter Skelter) as well as more recent titles like The Invitation, Charlie Says and The Endless. The talk will discuss the rise of alternative religions and cults in 1960's California, and how their horrific and much-publicised crimes turned The Manson Family and their charismatic leader into celebrities themselves.

“You honestly have to wonder – what would low-rent exploitation producers have done in the early 70's without Charles Manson? – Trash Film Guru (2013)

In collaboration with Miskatonic Institute, London.