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Still Kaboom special In Pursuit of Pleasure 1

In Pursuit of Pleasure

Kaboom 2023: In Pursuit of Pleasure

An awkward kiss, an intrusive thought, an embarrassing fantasy, a flopping body part during sex ... We've all been there, right? Right?

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There are a million and one things that can go 'wrong' when we're trying to flirt, fall in love or being intimate with someone. This programme tries to redefine what perfection is when it comes to our bodies, self-expressions, and sexuality. Let's look in the mirror and see what expectations you set for yourself. What even is a perfect body? What is perfect sex? With In Pursuit of Pleasure Maxi (porn curator and pleasure activist) & Joshua (porn curator and intimacy coach) invite you to embrace silliness, playfulness and curiosity. Join them in an interactive exploration of the joys of not giving a f*ck.

The films shown in this programme are either spoken or subtitled in English.

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Kaboom 2023

Mark your calendar, set the alarm… March 30th through April 2nd. Let yourself be immersed in the animation world during Kaboom Animation Festival. The festival can also be followed online until 2 April.

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Still Kaboom special In Pursuit of Pleasure 1
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