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still from In Vivo (Karel Doing, GB 2021)

In Vivo

Karel Doing / GB, 2021 / 61 min.

In this elegy humans appear like ants, walking around their habitat in a pre-programmed way, while animals and plants act like individuals. This upside-down world has a strange attraction; simultaneously alienating and deeply familiar.

poster Cinema Ecologica: Karel Doing's In Vivo

Karel Doing mined collections - including Eye’s - for his latest film. As in all his work, the celluloid’s emulsion is present as a skin that breathes and interacts with the living world in several ways: granular, ephemeral, tinted, shaking.

Time and space fade in this combined film, documentary, home movie and symphony. The latter includes snatches of the filmmaker’s personal history including meeting his friends and family. He used fytography – a technique the artist helped develop in recent years as an environmentally-friendly alternative to photography chemicals.

A re-occurring doomsday clock counts down, reminding the audience that species are going extinct right now. How long before the realisation dawns that our destructive behaviour is irreversible and threatens to destroy everything we love?


On 14 June 2022, at 19:15, preceding In Vivo’s screening, Karel Doing will provide a lecture on phytography featuring short films and the results of a workshop he will provide at Eye that afternoon. Botanical juices will be used to record traces of plants on film emulsion outside in the sunlight. On the 14th Gareth Davis will play live on clarinet and electronics.

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still from In Vivo (Karel Doing, GB 2021)
still from In Vivo (Karel Doing, GB 2021)
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