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International Student Competition 2 & Awards

Cinedans 2023: International Student Competition 2 & Awards

The best international student dance films compete for the Cinedans International Student Award, followed by a festive award ceremony.

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Since 2015, Cinedans has been awarding the International Student Award to up-and-coming dance film talents from the international dance, film and art academies. This year, twelve films out of 87 entries from 28 countries compete for the coveted award. The Student Award is sponsored by Canon.

The programme is accompanied by a Q&A with the makers and the winner is announced.

Neon Phantom

BR | 2021 | 20'

Director: Leonardo Martinelli

João works on the streets of Rio de Janeiro as a delivery driver in the so-called gig economy. He and his friend dream of buying a motorbike, travelling around the country and turning their lives into a musical. However, their operatic and beautifully choreographed fantasy collides with the harsh reality of low wages, unsympathetic customers and constant threats. Neon Phantom is a thought-provoking short film about inequality and imbalance of power in zero-hour contract employment.


LT | 2021 | 14' [World premiere]

Director & Choreographer: Viktorija Zobielaitė

EPHÉMEROS (short-lived / transitory in Ancient Greek) is a dance film that subtly relates human, plant and sculpture to create a unique world of fantasies. An ephemeral creature sacrifices itself so it can live again in the circle of life. The temporality of existence in this world becomes inescapably tangible in the face of eternity.

My muse is moving

ES | 2021 | 4'

Director: Sara Lomas | Choreographer: Roser Tutusaus, Tom Weksler and Wonderground Company

A sculptor and his muse meet each other in movement. While she holds an awaken desire for liberation, he attempts to own and dominate. Their dialogue becomes a dance of different frequencies that leads to creation.


NL | 2021 | 22'

Director: Noa Zevenbergen

Looking at the body as a treasure trove of stories, Moved draws us into the memory of three dancers. They go back to key moments in their life and share their recollections in movement and spoken word. An intimate view on the power of the human body to manifest histories.

The Third Rule

IL | 2021 | 4' [World premiere]

Director & choreographer: Noam Fruchtlander Caspi

Two dancers seek to tease an audience with their quirky moves. In a world of contrasts, they use imagination to break away from labels and stereotypes in order to create a compassion that allows to see people for who they are.

Follicular Images

FR | 2022 | 18' [World premiere]

Director & choreographer: Ludivine Large-Bessette

Prehistoric women dragged by their hair by cavemen; a stereotype often wrongly presented as historical, Ludivine Large-Bessette imagines a new account of this myth. As if to undo it or to follow it up, she creates a series of chapters with hair trapped in omniscient hands. By introducing strategies of deliverance, articulating the expression of sisterhood, and choreographing bodies in resilience without tricks, she opens up the possibility of new collective horizons.

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Cinedans 2023

From 24 to 26 March, Cinedans once again invites you to Eye with a full programme of the most beautiful, exciting and poetic dance films of the previous year.

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