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Io e te

Io e te

Bernardo Bertolucci / IT, 2012

An intimate drama about a teenager who doesn’t want to join a school trip and hides in the basement of his parents’ home for a week. Part of the Syrian New Waves programme.

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Lorenzo is fourteen years old, lives in a posh area of Rome and has everything he wants. Everything except friends, that is. He prefers to shut himself off from the world. When his class leaves on a ski trip, Lorenzo sneaks back to the basement of his apartment building, where he has stacked enough food and entertainment to last him a week on his own. Everything is working out fine, until he receives an unexpected visit from his half sister Olivia, nine years older and already marked by life (and drugs). These two lost souls come together and help each other cope with their lives and pasts.

For Lorenzo, music is perfect for blocking out a reality experienced as tedious and confusing. Not surprisingly, Io e te has a remarkable soundtrack, featuring bands like The Cure, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arcade Fire and a rare Italian version of Space Oddity (sung by David Bowie himself).

Niccolò Ammaniti”s short novel Io e te (“Me and You”) was a product of the Giovani Cannibali (Young Cannibals) group, young authors who began rattling the doors of the Italian literary establishment from the mid-1990s with unadorned tales of the “real” Italy, a country dominated mainly by despair and alienation.

Syrian New Waves curator Donatella Della Ratta connects Bertolucci”s story of adolescence with director Ammar al-Beik”s Syria Trilogy, which is screened at 19.00, prior to Io en te.



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