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KABK – Moebius TV

Researchlabs 2023: KABK – Moebius TV

Students of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague want to confront today’s emphasis on authenticity, the question of ‘Who Speaks’ plus the sensitive topic of appropriation.

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We were seduced by the image of the twisted band, no front nor back. A cascade of associations started to unfold. The link to the hyperreal world of images whose meaning is constantly shifting. Depicting an unstable environment where Good is Bad, Bad is Good.

It is no surprise that we focussed on the forgery. We think it is time to give a podium to this sinister companion of the praised, adored and holy authentic Work of Art. Having lived a life in the shadow, now the spotlight will shine on the one that was always pushed aside. The KABK program will be a gesture of emancipation towards the unwanted guest a the party.

We want to confront today’s emphasis on authenticity, the question of ‘Who Speaks’ plus the sensitive topic of appropriation. We hope by using falsification as an instrument to offer the audience our unstable works in order get a deeper understanding how issues like authenticity and appropriation operate.


  • How To Outsmart Time and Forge a Living (Maria Ilieva)

    Routines are something we all increasingly rely on, in a world framed by time and space. But have you ever wondered what your day could look like if you could do anything you want? Through tough scientific studies on forging as a personal instrument, and multiple experiments with what the perfect day looks like, I have come to the conclusion that the mind is most reliant on nostalgia and external imagery, and have compiled a handy how-to guide for mass usage.A commentary on advertising, tourist agencies, one’s own past and the hoarding of memories.

  • Dear Sam (Julie Goslinga & Magali Speicher)

    How can you know if your love is not artificial? Questioning the romanticisation of toxic relationship dynamics in contemporary pop culture, Dear Sam is an engaging love story, challenging views on traditional relationships through abstract humour and a silicone vagina.

  • Outside of the Four Walls You Know (Enrico Carpi, Eveline Suermondt & Mateuz Sejfryd)

    Enrico finds himself in a place he knows all too well. This is the moment when corners change from a place that can hold surprise, to a place where you just make the turn too fast, you’re somewhere else with your head, and you might just start slipping. His life: developer, stop, distracting letters, grain finder, lost eye contact, fixation, a thousand movements of the arms, exhausted friends, changing your shirt for one that can get dirty. A chaotic student life. But there’s one constant in Enrico’s life: it’s a longing that keeps on talking to him. A place must exist where the air flows freely and the currents of the water stream in all their power, as you are as exposed to the sky as you could be. What to do, then to search for life outside of the four walls you know?

  • Khlaw Kyntang (Maya Staendeke & Rosa Klijn)

    Khlaw Kyntang tells the story of an ancient Indian tale about sacred ecology. It originated from the indigenous Khasi tribe in the cloudy hills of Meghalaya. Portrays a glimpse into the hidden life of the protagonist, a sacred mother tree, and its fable and the fateful end by human hands. With an intimate macro-depiction, the short film blends physical and digital, fiction and reality. It is an ode to the forest as a multi-temporal, interspecies living space through mytho-ecological re(story)ation.

  • The Sound Of Seeds (Nefo Zang)

    Light moves along the veins of the plant stem, listening to the vibrations of the air, reflections of the petals, the sound of the dust falling and bubbles in the water.
    Imagine the silent plants whispering as the sun shines on them and photosynthesis. The flowers are ears and the roots under the ground sense the vibrations of the water source. Seeds germinate, everything revives, life on earth is interconnected and symbiotic, living organisms transmit and receive nutrients compounds, streaming life signals, decay and decompose after death, and return to the cycle of life.
    This film is about light-detecting plants and vibrations that translate into sound signals, it was shot at home and botanical gardens in autumn and winter. Microscopic plants reveal infinite details and textural sounds. Switching the human perspective to perceive the micro world, becoming a leaf-cutting ant and walking along the paths of plants. There is jubilation in the emptiness where we are not seeing and listening.

  • Devices and Symbiotic Users (Nina Paesmans)

    She had her own electronic pets, who were designed by the big corporate tech giants. And even with their evil software and licenses running inside them, she took great care and compassion towards them. 'i don’t have the authority to possess you!'-MonaKnowing the pets were spying on her every move, from eye tracking to listening to her private conversations, she decided it was not their fault but that of their makers.
    User Mona and her phone were going on a walk, as if it truly was her pet. Operating beside each other, they gave space for each others systems. 'Live together in mutually programming harmony.' She becomes aware she might have similar software/thoughts inside herself, as the preprogrammed devices have.
    Slowly more of a parallel between herself and the product is created.

  • The Story of an Elephant (Ziming Zhao)

    It’s a short introduction of a symbolized elephant lives in last century, the pictures are generated by AI tools.

  • Nanook (Fade To Black) (Wiggo Mott)

    Nanook (Fade To Black) is an algorithmic re-imagination of Robert J. Flaherty's genre-defining documentary Nanook of the North. A code goes through each frame of the movie, calculates the average pixel value (brightness) of the frame and then sorts the frames based on this average brightness, from light to dark.

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